17. January 2019
Welcome to the English version of PanOceanPhoto. This is the site for ambitious and professional underwater photography and video. We want to share our passion for the world of water and light with you!

Who can escape this magic? Explore a whole new world and then share his discoveries with an astonished audience!

This has always been one of the main motifs for underwater photographers. What we see in seas, lakes, rivers and caves can hardly be put into words. Even if they did, many people wouldn’t believe us, they wouldn’t be able to see it with their own eyes.

Not only the motifs are extraordinary. The light also behaves differently underwater than we are used to. This allows you to capture a unique interplay of colours, contrasts and brightness. Our ability to move through the three-dimensional space of water in a playful manner opens up completely new design possibilities for us. With surface reflections, water colours and apparently visible light rays, we playfully make use of elements that are rarely seen above water.

Every year, hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of photos are taken in all the seas of the world. Formerly photographs of sea creatures or underwater landscapes were a sensation in themselves, but nowadays it seems almost difficult to offer “something new”. The demands we place on ourselves are therefore high: we do not only want to document what is available in the water. We also want to make it visually appealing, try to tell a special story with our photo and possibly accomplish an artistic act.

The viewer’s viewing habits have also changed dramatically. In the social networks, images are often perceived only for a fraction of a second. This is the flip side of a coin whose front page we photographers greatly appreciate: Thanks to digital photography technology and worldwide networking, we are able to share our photographic work with people very quickly and comparatively cheaply.

Why are we doing this?

Underwater photography can be so much: it is an exciting leisure activity. In addition to a sporty and adventurous aspect, it also includes the study of modern technology. It is also an exotic-looking part of media design. It also enables you to express yourself artistically. In many cases it is an important part of science and nature conservation. You may also use them for journalistic work. And – and this is especially important to us – it is always an opportunity to travel to the exciting and remote corners of the world and collect impressions that not too many people have been allowed to experience.

Whether it’s a hobby, a more or less large part of your work or your exclusive breadwinning: the exchange of experience and knowledge about what we all do is the driving force behind the expansion of our own abilities.

That’s why we launched the PanOceanPhoto project. We want to be a platform where you can inform yourself, exchange information or even dream about something.

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