17. January 2019

English subtitles available!
How to expose correctly with your underwater camera, why you should use the manual mode or how to get a nice rich blue background – we explain all this in this video.

The following links will take you directly to the chapters:

Manueller Modus vs. Belichtungsautomatik Regulierung der Lichtmenge Blende  Verschlusszeit Lichtempfindlichkeit (ISO) Manuelle Belichtung Zwei Ausnahmen

  • 0:45 Manual mode vs. auto-exposure
  • 1:29 Regulation of light quantity
  • 2:13 Aperture
  • 3:11  Shutterspeed
  • 4:29 Photosensitivity (ISO)
  • 5:16 Manual mode
  • 6:26 Two exceptions

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